2008 - Stairs of ice - Savitaipale,  (Findland)


Claudi Casanovas & Els Cavallers del Foc i del Gel de Savitaipale,


Savitaipale, Carelia (Finland)


“As director of the installation, on the frozen lake of Savitaipale, I proposed a community festival: the placing of ice ladders.”


“I had previously traveled through the country and it seemed like a good idea to turn what had been a personal commission into a collective work in which people would be glad to get together and spend some time outside of the winter isolation of their homes.”


“Each participant had to give names to two little paper lanterns, the name of the passage they imagined: from work to vacation, from birth to death, from John to Joan…, and all of the inscriptions were joined together to form one long sequence written on a panel of orange LED lights situated at the entrance. The installation was recorded in the photographs of Jordi Puig.”


“The placing of the two hundred ladders began in the middle of the afternoon. The lanterns burned until dawn, and the ladders lasted a month before they melted. Every once in a while, I received photographs of their slow thaw, their melting into the landscape.”